Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara

Availability: Yves Rocher Online
Price: $5.00

Company’s Description

This holiday season, fall under the spell of this new shade of glitter mascara, which wraps your lashes in a shimmering golden glow. This clever product can be used on its own or over your usual mascara for a festive look.

Its formula leaves lashes supple and doesn’t clump: ideal for intensifying the scintillating effect with several coats.

Yves Rocher’s holiday 2011 collection comes with a a golden glitter mascara.

Packaging: 9/10

This mascara comes in a small, clear, plastic tube with a gold-colored top. The applicator is made of clear, plastic bristles.

Quality: 8/10

The base for this mascara is clear with small, suspended golden glitters. The mascara isn’t intended to do what normal mascaras do (volumiez or lengthen), but instead give your lashes some sparkle.

One coat applies a low amount of sparkle. Layering the products builds up the glitter on your lashes, but after 3 coats, further layering doesn’t intensify the effect you get. Putting this over a black mascara does help make the sparkles show up, but only my a marginal amount. I didn’t experience any fall-out with the glitter particles.

Overall, I found myself wishing I could get a more intense effect out of this product.

Ease of Use: 8/10

The best way to use this product is to first apply a black mascara. Let that dry completely (even so, you will get black mascara on the applicator for the glitter mascara). Then apply 3 coats of the glitter mascara, letting each coat dry fully in between.

Be ready to get the sparkles every which-where as you’re taking off this mascara. The glitters especially like to lodge themselves in your eyebrows. 😛

Price: 7.75/10

For $5.00 you get 0.13 fl oz of mascara. Even compared to drugstore mascaras, this is a lot less product for the price you are paying. It is a glitter mascara, though, so you’ll likely pay a little more for the novelty.

Final Grade


Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Applicator

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Applicator

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Swatch

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Applied

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Applied

Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara Applied

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5 Responses to Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Glitter Mascara

  1. Tshobbie says:

    It looks nice but even though there is no fall out this scares me… I wear contacts,
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Such a waste of time for layering with a black mascara. I think its pretty in some way though.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Mmm, a bit disappointing. I won’t be buying this mascara, the glitter effect isn’t good enough. Thank you for this review!

  4. Lisa B. says:

    This seems very silly overall, since you don’t get very much effect out of it–does the glitter stay on your lashes or does it start to flake off? It seems like a good way to get glitter in your eyes, which is a little painful as well as annoying.

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