Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Lipgloss in “Saffron”

Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron

Availability: Yves Rocher Online
Price: $5.00

Company’s Description

This winter, collect these 3 new limited edition glosses. Each shade has its own effect!
– Lacquer-effect “Safran” for a voluptuous, piquant mouth!
– For an ultra-glamorous femme fatale look, try the lacquered-effect “Baie” shade.
– The shimmery copper “Cuivre nacre” gel leaves lips ultra-glossy and glittery, great on its own or over the two other shades to make them sparkle.

With their ultra-comfortable texture, adjustable coverage and irresistible fragrance, you’ll never get tired of applying them!

Yves Rocher’s holiday 2011 collection contains 3 lipglosses. One of them–Saffron–is reviewed, here.

Packaging: 9/10

This lipgloss comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a slanted applicator.

Quality: 9/10

This is a beautiful color. You might think that orange is difficult to pull off and, normally, I would agree. But, despite how pigmented this lipgloss is, the orange color is quite flattering. And the golden sparkles amp up the beautiful color even more.

You can wear this gloss sheer or layered for more intense color payoff. The formula has no stickiness to it and the product lasts for an average amount of time: 2-3 hours if you aren’t eating or drinking.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

The downside to the formula is that, despite the gloss not being at all sticky, it takes time and work to blend. If you just apply the gloss and rub your lips together, you’ll end up with lines of color. You need to make sure to blend the product out evenly or “smack” your lips to avoid this effect.

Price: 9/10

For $5.00 you get 0.23 fl oz of gloss. MAC’s clear Lipglasses cost $14.50 and contain 0.5 fl oz.

Final Grade


Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron

Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron

Yves Rocher Lipgloss Applicator

Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron Swatched

Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron Applied Sheer

Yves Rocher Lipgloss in Saffron Applied 2 Layers

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4 Responses to Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Lipgloss in “Saffron”

  1. Cindy says:

    Need this lipgloss, it’s gorgeous! I’m going to order now!

  2. Lisa B. says:

    This looks gorgeous! The description says there is a fragrance–is it too light to detect? What does it smell like?

  3. I agree with you, it looks beautiful on your lips.

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