Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Sparkles

Yves Rocher Sparkles

Availability: Yves Rocher Online
Price: $6.00 each

Company’s Description

This winter, add the ultimate festive touch to your makeup with Etincelles Sparkle in Gold or Copper!

An ultra-shimmery texture to apply to your face and body for instant brightening effect.

This luscious and comfortable formula is easy to adjust to obtain the result you want: a pronounced “touch of gold” or “touch of copper” effect, or for a more subtle look, in an even and luminous veil.

Yves Rocher’s Sparkles are gel-based face and body shimmers, available in the colors Copper Sun and Gold Sun.

Packaging: 9/10

Sparkles come in small, plastic squeeze tubes with rounded openings.

Quality: 8.25/10

Gold Sun is a yellow-based gold while Copper Sun is a warm, bronze-based copper.

These are extremely luminous and vibrant colors. But for use as highlighters, the formula isn’t ideal. They don’t blend out evenly because the formula has some tackiness to it. Once the product actually dries, it no longer feels tacky, but as you’re trying to blend the product out the tackiness prevents even, sheer coverage.

You can, though, use these as lid colors or on the lips. For these uses, the tackiness is advantageous for making the Sparkles longer wearing. The intensity of both colors also makes them more appropriate for use on the lids or lips, as opposed to the face.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

If you are trying to blend out the product, you’ll find that getting a sheer, even finish is challenging. For use on the lids, dab on with your fingers and keep your lid closed until the product dries.

Price: 9/10

For $6.00, you get 0.23 fl oz of gel.

Final Grade


Yves Rocher Sparkles

Yves Rocher Sparkle Packaging

Yves Rocher Sparkle Swatches: Gold Sun & Copper Sun

Yves Rocher Sparkle Swatches (Blended): Gold Sun & Copper Sun

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6 Responses to Review & Swatches: Yves Rocher Sparkles

  1. shadab says:

    thanx for your honest review!!!!

  2. It looks messy when blended. Thanks for the suggestion for other uses.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Do the sparkles stay in place? I love gel-based products, but I don’t really like a tacky feel (sticky is the deal-breaker).

  4. Thanks— I finally found swatches of these! Wanted the golden one but not 100% impressed though…

  5. Jennifer says:

    Unblended, the pigmentation is pretty good! B is a pretty good grade for such a product, you must like it! I’ve seen it in store before, but it hasn’t really appealed to me… Maybe I should try it out! 🙂

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