Truth Patrol: Collagen

If you go to the drugstore or department store, you’ll see rows of face and body creams that advertise collagen as a key ingredient to help smooth the skin.

Collagen is a protein found inside the body that supports the skin and muscles. Collagen and elastin support the structure and appearance of the skin, allowing the skin to stretch without wrinkling. When we’re born, we have lots of collagen in our bodies. As we age, sun exposure and simple aging decreases the amount of collagen in our skin.

It would be great if you could simply replenish collagen in your body by applying a cream. The problem is, collagen can’t be absorbed through the skin because the molecules are just too large. While collagen is a good water-binding agent for the skin, it doesn’t help produce or build collagen in the skin when applied topically.

So, instead of splurging on that expensive collagen face cream, choose one that has ingredients proven to be effective in reducing wrinkles (like one that has antioxidants, retinol, or AHA).

Be bright, be beautiful!

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3 Responses to Truth Patrol: Collagen

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Thanks for the mythbusting!

  2. Vittoria says:

    nothing like the truth! i’m glad you posted this. so true!

  3. Doreen Riopel says:

    Wow… you just saved my some money… Lots of it. Thanks. 🙂

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