Tutorial: MAC Jeanius Look

Here’s a tutorial using the 4 MAC Jeanius eye shadows, Pink Cult blush, and Docile lipglass.

Eyes Urban Decay eye shadow primer in Sin, White Jeanius eye shadow, Motorhead eye shadow, Stovepipe Black eye shadow, Diva in Distress eye shadow, L’Oreal HiP in Silver Lightning, Maybelline One by One mascara in Blackest Black, MAC Themyscira mascara
Cheeks MAC Pink Cult blush
Lips MAC Docile lip gloss

1. Apply Sin primer potion to the lids and into the crease.

2. With any fluffy eye shadow crease brush, apply Stovepipe Black into the crease, blending back and forth. Extend it all the way into the inner corner of the crease, next to where the bridge of your nose starts.

3. Take a clean fluffy eye shadow crease brush and apply Motorhead to your outer-V. Blend the color into where you’ve applied Stovepipe Black. Extend the color to cover the outer edge of your lower lash line, connecting it with your outer-V.

4. Take a denser eye shadow brush and apply Diva in Distress to the lid, coloring in the parts not covered by Stovepipe Black and Motorhead.

5. Pack Diva in Distress onto your brush again, then spray it with water or a mixing medium (foil it). Apply it to the lid area where you previously applied Diva in Distress.

6. Re-apply Stovepipe Black and Motorhead if needed.

7. Take a small detail brush and pack on White Jeanius. Foil it, applying it to the lower lash-line.

8. With a small detail brush, foil Motorhead and apply it to your upper lash-line as an eyeliner.

9. Apply Silver Lightening (or any silver eyeliner) to the lower water-line.

10. Apply one coat of black mascara and then 1-2 coats of Themyscira (or any blue mascara) to both lower and upper lashes.

Apply Pink Cult to your cheeks with a fluffy blush brush and Docile to your lips. And you’re done!

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2 Responses to Tutorial: MAC Jeanius Look

  1. Jen says:

    Lovely look! Love the eyes–it’s not too crazy but it’s still got edge.

  2. Imene says:

    Very lovely! I like this look 🙂

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