Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Collection – Spring 2012

Release Date: February 2012
Availability: YSL Counters, Sephora, Saks, Nordstrom

Company’s Description

“The gleam of an infinite profusion of dazzling fruit jellies, translucent raspberry and wild strawberry, mandarin orange, melon, mango and persimmon bring a gorgeous flush to the Yves Saint Laurent woman’s face. Her smile is as bright as shining sugared drops and syrups: shocking cherry, tangerine, grape and pomegranate, crystallized rose petals, mint and chocolate.”

–Creative Director Lloyd Simmonds

Holy Momma mackerel. This collection looks so beautifully juicy! Check the colors out for yourself in the images, below.

Those gel blushes… Swoon.

Ombre 5 Lumieres Palette ($74.00) (Limited Edition) (House of Fraser Exclusive)

    Sky blue, light green, baby pink, bright yellow and pastel purple, all with subtle shimmer and the YSL logo embossed in the center.

Vinyl Candy Palette ($68.00) (Limited Edition)

    Raspberry and Lilac with pearly finishes. Blackcurrant and Gooseberry with satin finishes.

Voile de Blush ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

    Water-based gel blushes

  • Carmine Veil No 1: bright candy apple red
  • Coral Veil No 2: bursting-with-health apricot
  • Pink Veil No 3: sparkling pink
  • tba No 4

Rouge Volupte Perle ($38.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Iridescent Burgundy No 113
  • Sparkling Fuchsia No 114
  • Shimmering Coral No 115
  • Milky Pink No 116

Duo Manucure Couture ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

  • No 7: Brown/Green
  • No 8: Pink/Orange

Golden Gloss ($40.00)

  • Golden Violet No 49
  • Golden Peach No 50

The Body Shop

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7 Responses to Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face Collection – Spring 2012

  1. Michelle says:

    everything looks so colorful!! but seems a bit hard to wear :/

  2. Kelly Commerford says:

    Wow….love the colors & packaging. I’m wondering how wearable the colors will actually be?

  3. Tshobbie says:

    So adorable! Again…. can’t wait for spring =)

  4. Sarah L. says:

    This collection looks sooo cute and fun! I love the fresh colours for Spring; I’m quite excited by this YSL collections! YSL always has amazing quality, so I’ll definitely be picking up some of these goodies when they’re out 😀

    Thanks for the sneak-peek!

  5. Lisa B. says:

    Mmm…it looks good enough to eat! Candy Face is right! The Gel Blushes are the first thing on my list too!

  6. shadab says:

    the colors are gorgeous.this collection is worth a try!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Every thing is so cuuute!!! I love the eyeshadow palette colors! And that purple and pink lip stick are adorable!

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