ARTDECO Glam Deluxe Collection – Holiday 2012

Release Date: November 2012
Availability: BeautyBay, ARTDECO

Company’s Description

The central theme of ARTDECO’s brand new “Glam Deluxe” collection is an aura of elegance, glamour and luxury.

Precious shimmering colors and luxury textures create sensationally glamorous looks, inspiring new trends and are beauty must-haves that are designed for those special and unique moments.

*Sigh* There are so many brands I wish were readily available in the U.S. and ARTDECO is definitely one of them.

Keep reading to see full product information and images for ARDECO’s Holiday 2012 collection.


Glam Stars Eye Designer Refills

  • Glam White Moon
  • Glam Iconic Gold
  • Glam Rose Mimosa
  • Glam Gorgeous Aubergine
  • Glam Couture Brown
  • Glam Silver Metal

Glam Couture Eyeshadow

  • Glam White Luxury
  • Glam Silver Crescent
  • Glam Precious Rose
  • Glam Silken Rose
  • Glam Blissful Taupe
  • Glam Bronzed Fabric

Glam Stars Shimmer Cream

  • Platinum
  • Bronze

Glam Deluxe Magnetic Box

    You can perfectly store your eyeshadows in the refillable magnetic boxes. Thanks to the integrated mirror, the ARTDECO Beauty Boxes are ideal when traveling.

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof

  • Sparkling Black

Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner

  • Silver
  • Silvered Teak

Glam Stars Blusher

    The tri-colored Glam Stars Blusher in the limited “Glam Deluxe” design provides a vernal freshness. High color brilliance and durability provides reliable, professional results, all day long. The Glam Stars Blusher is easy to blend and feels silky smooth on the skin due to the light, elegant texture. Additionally the Vitamin C and Vitamin E provide an anti-aging character to the blusher.

Glam Stars Lip Gloss

  • Glam Soft Pink
  • Glam Star Soft Pink
  • Glam Star Rosy Nude

Glam Starts Glitter Spray

  • Silver
  • Gold

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3 Responses to ARTDECO Glam Deluxe Collection – Holiday 2012

  1. mai says:

    i have tried their soft eyeliner waterproof in black , it is an exact dupe of urban decay 24/7 in zero same creamy texture and amazing staying power on my waterline

  2. Oh I understand the feeling!! because it happens a lot how we european wish some ‘american’ products were also available here. T__T
    but I guess that’s how it works, right? we can’t get everything we want. :p
    Anyway, ArtDeco is a nice brand with affordable price.. it’s something in between drugstore and high end.. But I don’t have a lot of their product, they are not really attractive in real life 🙂

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