Beauty Resolutions for 2012

1: Clean my makeup brushes once a week
I’m very much a germaphobe. I don’t share drinks with people, I turn my head when someone near me coughs or sneezes, and I wash my hands a dozen times a day. Until just a few months ago, I would wash my brushes after every single use. But once I started working full-time, my free time became so scarce that I neglected washing my brushes consistently. Washing brushes is crucial to minimizing bacteria build-up in the bristles. For 2012, I want to make sure to wash mine at least once a week.

2: Always wear sunscreen during the day
Wearing sunscreen is the best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy and minimize damage. I’m pretty religious about wearing sunscreen every day, so this won’t be a huge commitment. But I occasionally will skip it if I spend the day inside or I will apply it to my face but not exposed parts of my arms/legs. Even when you are inside, you should wear sunscreen if you are exposed to sunlight, so I’m making the commitment to eliminate those times when I feel lazy and don’t wear sunscreen.

3: Reduce makeup clutter
Despite being relatively Type-A and a germaphobe, I have to admit that my makeup gear has become…cluttered (to say the least). Especially after shooting videos and pictures for big makeup collections, there’s makeup all over the place and I usually just don’t feel like cleaning it up. For 2012, I’m going to make a conscious effort to clean up after big photo- and video-shoots and to get down a method of organization that keeps clutter to a minimum. I’m not committing to being organized all the time because I know that will be impossible. Maybe next year? Baby steps!

Share your New Years resolutions with us in the comments! I’d love to hear what beauty or non-beauty commitments you’ll be trying to stick with for 2012.

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4 Responses to Beauty Resolutions for 2012

  1. Lisa B. says:

    I’m inside most of the day and near windows with the blinds closed so I don’t actually wear sunscreen every day but part my ongoing resolution is to put it on anytime I’ll be in the sun for more than 15-30 minutes.
    Harder to do is the exercise one, which is actually the first on my list. 🙂

  2. Sthobbie says:

    All of the above and exercise at least 30 mins each day, always take my makeup at night and drink a lot more water… Not too hard to follow

  3. Nuša says:

    I could join you with all three resolutions, but then I’d feel guilty if I broke any of them so.. I wish you good luck. 😀
    And happy new year!

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