Bobbi Brown Neons & Nudes Collection – Spring 2012

Release Date: Available Now
Availability: Bobbi Brown & Nordstrom

Company’s Description

The Neons & Nudes Collection features a unique pairing of bright, neon colors that are balanced by soft nudes and neutrals. Pair a soft, nude eye with a neon lip or a bright eye with a nude lip depending on your mood.

Jessica Simpson

Ultra Nude Eye Palette ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Stone (Eyeshadow)
  • Chino (Eyeshadow)
  • Pink Chandelier (Metallic Eyeshadow)
  • Praline (Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow)
  • Champagne Truffle (Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow)
  • Cocoa Berry (Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow)

Eyeshadow ($21.00)

  • Ultra Violet (Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow)
  • Bluebell (Eyeshadow)

Ink Liner ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Really Black: Black

Blush ($24.00)

  • Nude Peach: Soft peach
  • Nude Pink: Soft pink

Lip Color ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Atomic Orange: Orange
  • Neon Pink: Pink
  • Uber Beige: Beige

Lip Gloss ($23.00)

  • Cosmic Pink: Pink
  • Citrus: Tangerine
  • Ultra Violet: Violet

Jessica Simpson

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3 Responses to Bobbi Brown Neons & Nudes Collection – Spring 2012

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I really love this Bobbi Brown collection! Nudes and neons are such opposites but Bobbi Brown somehow makes it work- and appealing too! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these, I’ll definitely be checking them out very soon! 😀


  2. Lisa B. says:

    I love nude and neutral colors, but the bright, translucent lipglosses look really pretty!

  3. Sthobbie says:

    Such a strange combo, but it kind of works

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