Catrice Spectaculart Collection – Holiday 2012

Release Date: November-December 2012
Availability: Catrice

Company’s Description

Bombay meets Paris. Indian opulence coupled with French modernity. On the international catwalks, fashion designers are combining sari-like skirts, intricately decorated borders and embroidered coats with accurately cut shirts and simple blouses this winter season. The colors gold, silver, burgundy and pink dominate this look.

Here is a look into Catrice’s Spectaculart Collection for Holiday 2012. Catrice is a European brand that I wish was available in the U.S.! Keep reading for full details and images.

Pure Chrome

    As nobel as precious metal. The highly-pigmented eyeshadow with an innovative 3D design in an effective tweed look is the hightlight of this Limited Edition. The soft powder texture is extremely convincing and lasts for hours. For an intense eye make-up.

  • So Precious
  • Bombay Bauble
  • Treasure It
  • Artfully Lustrous

Lashes to Impress

    Fascinatingly authentic! The single lashes in three different lash lengths are applied between your own lashes with lash-glue. The result: longer, thicker-looking lashes that look impressively real!

Superfine Eyeliner Pen

    The slimliner with a super-thin felt-tip applicator creates professional-looking eyeliner looks – superfine and long-lasting! You can also use it to draw gorgeous ornamental patterns to go with your bindi-look.

  • Black Bindi

Highlighting Powder

    Straight out of 1001 Nights: this highlighter with a silky powder texture contains light-reflecting pigments to set gorgeous accents on your face and neckline.

  • Artfully Lustrous

Mousse Blush

    Haut couture: the Mousse Blush in a soft pink shade with variable coverage gives your cheeks a natural-looking glow. The best thing is: the innovative texture is easy to apply and spread!

  • Holi Hai

Sheer Lip Colour

    Pure pigments ranging from nude to burgundy. The Sheer Lip Colour with a transparent gel texture gives your lips a subtle shine. In addition, hyaluronic acid ingredients help smooth small wrinkles around your lips and the SPF 10 protects them from damaging UVA and UVB rays. The result: soft, smooth lips.

  • Artfully Lustrous
  • Revel The Red
  • Soulful

Ultimate Nail Lacquer

    The colors: from nude to pink to burgundy. The effects: exciting shine, with or without a shimmer. The brush: extra-broad and ideal for professional and smooth application across your entire nail.

  • Artfully Lustrous
  • Holi Hai
  • Revel The Red
  • Soulful

Gold Leaf Topcoat

    Nails as the ultimate accessory! The transparent Gold Leaf Topcoat offers a gold leaf appearance for a spectacular finish. The flat, extra-broad brush ensures an accurate application of color on top of your usual nail polish. An eye-catching effect is guaranteed!

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