China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection – Fall 2012

Release Date: August 2012
Price: $7 each
Availability: Sally Beauty, ULTA & Salons

Company’s Description

Say the word “Bohemian” and most people automatically think bell-bottoms and fringed vests. Today’s Bohemian look is refined, feminine and carefree, epitomized by fashion icon Nicole Richie’s modern Bohemian look. China Glaze gives the free-spirited look a fresh, trendy spin with its latest specialty collection, New Bohemian will leave your mesmerized as the color shifts and moves across the nail, traveling with the light. The chrome-like finish radiates with high shine and intense color, captivating your senses with every twist and turn.


  • Unpredictable: Multidimensional gorgeous green
  • Want My Bawdy: Sexy sapphire blue
  • Rare and Radiant: Extraordinary rich gold
  • Swanky Silk: Brilliant beige with peach undertones
  • No Plain Jane: Lavish lavender-pink
  • Deviantly Daring: Adventurously bold peacock teal


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One Response to China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection – Fall 2012

  1. Fanny says:

    Gorgeous! 😀
    I think I want them all!

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