Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Enigmatique Collection – Fall 2012

Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

Company’s Description

Colors that reflect and shine create a velvety softness. A glistening eye expresses the magic of the night as color and texture impart an enigmatic beauty.

Three stunning shades of eye emit a soft and monochromatic spot of light, evoking a sophisticated look. By mixing shades, eyes look deeply mysterious. Rich red lips compliment the eyes with captivating allure.

Take a look at Clé de Peau’s Fall 2012 collection! I saw this the other day at Nordstrom, and while I’ve never personally been too interested in this brand, I did think the burgundy lipstick looked quite beautiful.

Keep reading for full product descriptions and images, below!

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Satin Eye Color ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

  • 116: Burgundy
  • 117: Blue
  • 118: Taupe

Eyeliner Pencil Cartridge ($25.00)

  • 201: Black
  • 202: Brown
  • 203: Blue
  • 204: Bordeaux (Limited Edition)

Eyebrow Pencil Cartridge ($25.00)

  • 201 : Brown
  • 202 : Gray brown
  • 203 : Light brown
  • 204 : Gray

Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00)

  • R10: Burgundy

216184_amazing grace free shipping 300x250

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2 Responses to Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Enigmatique Collection – Fall 2012

  1. In my opinion, I could never spend $60 on a lipstick but if you have the money, these lipsticks look very luxurious! Beautiful makeup!

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