Face Stockholm The Beauty of Tradition Collection – Winter 2012

Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Face Stockholm

Company’s Description

Our look for winter and holiday 2012 is inspired by a caravan of cultural tradition, a mix of regional influences, including the contrasts of color found in Scandinavian folk dress and costume.

Characterized by a dominant color bordered by bands of brilliant pattern, the influence of these costumes resonates in the choice of colors for holiday — the eyes and cheeks play a neutral role against the prominent, rich lip — she is reserved yet distinct, she observes traditions new and old.

As we look toward the season of celebrations, where traditions are followed and made, it seems only fitting to reference the past in a broader context, honoring the full spectrum of the beauty of tradition.

Face Stockholm has launched its Winter 2012 collection: The Beauty of Tradition. Keep reading for product information and photos!

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