FaceFront Paradise in Flight Collection – Spring/Summer 2012

Release Date: January 27, 2012
Availability: FaceFront Online

FaceFront’s upcoming Paradise in Flight collection for Spring/Summer 2012 will be release at the end of January. See below for full product details! Reviews will be up shortly.


Artistic Pigment ($10.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Lotsa Lettuce: Gilded minty green with yellow undertones throughout and subtle sparks of gold and silver shimmer
  • Flamingo Disco: Fluffy, “cotton-candy” pink with multi-reflective green and silver metallic elements
  • Motivate Me Medium toned violet made complicated with pink and silver sheen upon application
  • Toucan Tango: Vivacious golden-citrus orange intermixed with chromatic hues of yellow and gold

Pressed Eyeshadow ($11.50)

  • Printed: An intense, absolute jet-black matte (Permanent)
  • Oh So FoFo: A girly and very flirty medium-toned pink with a white metallic base, filtered with subtle golden highlight (Limited Edition)
  • King’s Crown: Vibrant true gold with yellow chromatic base (Limited Edition)
  • Stonework: Medium-toned plum-gray with subtle sheen (Limited Edition)

Cream Illuminator ($11.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Defrosting: Light-toned icy pink with brilliant silver sparkle, complemented with subtle golden undertone
  • I Need Fudge: Medium chocolate gold with metallic gold highlight
  • Dulce De Leche: Caramel-Bronze with golden metallic sheen worked throughout

Flashlight Highlight Powder ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Autofocus: Sheer, pearled white gold
  • Double Exposure: Sheer pearled champagne with a subtle, warmed bronze finish
  • Gamma Ray: Sheer pearled pink-violet with an icy finish

Mineralized Blush ($15.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Funfair: Light-toned blue/violet made slightly complex with a depth of orange and warm gold metallic and purple sparkle
  • Proper Peach: Warm, inviting coral/peach with pink undertone and golden metallic sheen

Liquid Lipstick ($12.50) (Limited Edition)

  • In Motion: Transparent formula with a rainbow of soft, multi-reflective, non-gritty micro-glitters which provide the perfect complement to any lipstick base. Designed as a “lipstick topping” to add dimension to any traditional lipstick or Liquid Lipstick
  • Mototaxi: Chromatic taxi cab yellow
  • Purest Sin: Opaque pearly white with soft diamond shimmer
  • Heat Stroke: Slightly shimmery coral with a very dramatic yellow-orange base
  • It’s Amour: Sophisticated metallic champagne infused with a fleshy nude/salmon base


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