Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Sheer Lipsticks

Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Giorgio Armani counters & Online

Company’s Description

Featuring a creamy texture, feather light and translucent, as hydrating as a balm. The brilliant bold color is wearable and chic.

A cutting edge color formulation process: the Color Shine Moisture Polymer, a revolutionary component able to retain twice its volume of water, enhance color luminosity while locking in hydration on the lip surface for over 8 hours.

Giorgio Armani has launched 12 shades of its new Rouge D’Armani Sheers, which are translucent versions of the company’s Rouge D’Armani lipsticks.

See below for photos and colors!

Rouge D’Armani Sheer Lipstick ($30.00)

  • Oranges: 300 Acid Tangerine, Tokyo Coral 301, Orange Mutation 302
  • Reds: Red Carpet 400, Ripe 401, Scarlato 402
  • Pinks: Ecstasy 500, Vita 501, Blush 502
  • Purples: Bitten 600, Tulipe Noire 601, Black Laquer 602

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