Globetrotting: International Makeup Brands

Several months ago, my partner traveled to Germany. Much to my delight and surprise, he brought me back a bag of makeup from brands unique to that area.

In general, I love exposing readers to lesser-known brands. There are so many interesting, high-quality brands out there that don’t get much attention because the market and press is saturated with already-known, big-name brands. When I was able to try out German brands I’d never heard of and otherwise wouldn’t have access to, I was particularly excited to share my experiences with my readers!

So, here is the beginning of a new series that features international makeup brands. I’ll start with the brands I tried out from Germany, but I’m hoping to expand to other countries, too.

If there is a particular international brand you’re interested in seeing, let me know in the comments, below. I know a lot of you would like to see Asian brands, but feel free to request anything you want. I’m not promising I’ll be able to get my hands on them, but I’ll try!


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10 Responses to Globetrotting: International Makeup Brands

  1. Wendy says:

    I would love if you did a review Marcelle and Anabelle theyre from Canada and I have always wondered about the pigmentation ohhh and Lanolips from Australia I believe.
    BTW- hope you got some Nivea stuff from Germany because they have excellent body wash (starfruit, yummy) and really great lip balm with a bit of tint.

  2. laurasalsa says:

    I’d say bourjois (even though that’s originally from France). Great quality and nice product/colour selection. Two budget brands that are sold here are Essence and Catrice (both German in origin I think) but I’m not impressed with the quality. The only two really dutch brands I’m aware of are Hema (also on the budget side) and Rituals (kind of a natural/body shop vibe).

    • Allura says:

      I haven’t heard of Hema. I know Bourjois is available at ULTA, but I’ve used very few of their products. Same with Essence. I have heard of Catrice and would like to try more! Thank you for the suggestions. 😀

    • Lisa B. says:

      Bourjois used to be available in Sephora I think…but it’s been awhile since I looked for it, so maybe it’s been pulled. I’d be interested in it either way.
      I’d love to hear about pretty much ANY brand, especially Japanese/Asian ones…a few I’m particularly interested in:
      -Suqqu (very expensive!)
      -Hakuhodo (Japan, for brushes)
      -Addiction by Ayako
      -Lunasol (not quite as pricey as Suqqu but still expensive)
      -Lavshuca (drugstore brand but on the higher end of drugstore prices)
      -By Terry
      -Rouge Bunny Rouge
      -Make Up Store (Sweden I think)

  3. Ellie says:

    Awesome idea. I would like to know what you think of the Italian brand KIKO.

  4. laurasalsa says:

    What a cool idea 🙂 Living in Holland, there are so many talked about brands that aren’t sold here (Revlon, sleek, nyx, wet n wild). Would be great to see what is popular or good quality in other parts of the world 🙂 Loving your blog & vids, all the best!

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