Illamasqua Mehndi Nail Art Tutorial

Our new Nail Art Tutorial features our unique take on Mehndi – an Asian body decoration technique – fusing intricate lines with bold splashes of colour. The look was inspired by our Human Fundamentalism collection; a cultural melting pot of different styles, traditions and attitudes, brought together in an explosion of colour, pattern and self-expression.

“We all tap into each other’s visual styles and become inspired by different cultural references, and what emerges is a tribe of cultural hybrids; each one beautiful in its own unique way.”
Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director

The hero product in this tutorial is our new bright white Precision Ink in Scribe and Havoc; not just an eye liner, but the ultimate nail art pen, simply seal with Top Coat after application. We’ve used it to decorate the hands and nails, layering it over Nail Varnish in Nomad and Stance to create a modern interpretation of this traditional Asian technique.

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  1. Sthobbie says:

    I really want this one day! But then the real deal

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