Lise Watier Millesime Collection – Fall 2012

Release Date: Currently Available
Availability: Lise Watier Online (Canada) & Naimie’s Beauty (US)

Company’s Description

This collection is inspired by vintage wine country, the art of wine and other liquors. Awakening all the senses, it offers products to use to your heart’s content.

Here is a look at Lise Watier’s Fall 2012 Millesime Collection. Keep reading for full product information and images!

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Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Cognacs ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

    Four shades of eyeshadow. Four times four gorgeous ways to create so many different and stunning looks. Our Paraben-free Quatuor Eyeshadow Quartet will have you singing odes to joy every day and every night.

  • Les Cognacs: purples
  • Les Vins: browns

Duo Shadow & Glitter ($25.00)

    Shadow or glitter? Creme or powder? Why make do with one or the other, when you can have both? Our all-new, Shadow Glitter Duo contains a creme eyeshadow with metallic highlights and a delicate glitter powder in one, tidy compact. A built-in mirror makes this innovative duo perfect for quick touch-ups.

  • Brown Amber
  • Plum Star

Crayon Kajal ($16.00)

  • Noir Bleu

Eye Shine ($18.00)

  • Midnight Black

Waterproof Eyeliner ($18.00)

  • Raisin Bleu

Teint Multi-Fini Compact Foundation ($31.00)

  • Sable
  • Bronze

Creme Blush ($23.00)

  • Cabernet
  • Savuignon

Rouge Gourmand Lipstick ($20.00)

  • Shiraz: Dark red

Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer ($22.00)

  • Signature

Waterproof Lip Crayon ($17.00)

  • Rose Mauve

Nail Lacquer ($12.50)

  • Shiraz: Dark red

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