L’Oreal & Project Runway “The Electric Fantasie” Collection – Fall 2012

Release Date: Fall 2012
Availability: Drugstores

L’Oreal is again partnering with Project Runway to release this Fall’s makeup collection, inspired by the colors of the runway. The collection takes inspiration from 4 looks and is divided accordingly: The Seductive Temptress, The Wise Mystic, The Artsy Muse, and The Enchanted Queen. Each inspiration comes with an eye shadow quad, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, and 2 nail polishes to create the look.

Keep reading for full product names and images!

Studio Secrets Professional Shadow Quad

  • The Temptress’ Gaze
  • The Mystic’s Gaze
  • The Muse’s Gaze
  • The Queen’s Gaze

True Match Blush

  • The Temptress’ Blush
  • The Mystic’s Blush
  • The Muse’s Blush
  • The Queen’s Blush

Colour Rich Lipcolour

  • The Temptress’ Kiss
  • The Mystic’s Kiss
  • The Muse’s Kiss
  • The Queen’s Kiss

Colour Rich Le Gloss

  • The Temptress’ Shine
  • The Mystic’s Shine
  • The Muse’s Shine
  • The Queen’s Shine

Colour Rich Nail Polish

  • The Temptress’s Power
  • The Temptress’s Touch
  • The Mystic’s Fortune
  • The Mystic’s Future
  • The Muse’s Attitude
  • The Muse’s Inspiration
  • The Queen’s Ambition
  • The Queen’s Might

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2 Responses to L’Oreal & Project Runway “The Electric Fantasie” Collection – Fall 2012

  1. Melody says:

    Nice! Thanks for the info. I only got one piece from last year’s Project Runway release. It was the brown polish with loads of gold glitter. Owl’s Flight, I think? The formula is great so I’m excited for the polishes. All the lip products look lovely, too!

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