MAC Extra Dimension Collection

*Originally Posted 1/5/12: Full product information and photos are up!

Release Date: April 2012
Availability: MAC Stores & Online

MAC’s Extra Dimension Collection will be released in the Spring and showcases 2 new products: Extra Dimension Eye Shadows and Extra Dimension Skinfinishes.

Freeze24-7 ITWT 2

Extra Dimension Eye Shadows

  • Warm Thunder: Mid-tone silver grey
  • Blue Orbit: Light iridescent purple
  • Grand Galaxy: Mid-tone violet
  • Lunar: Royal blue
  • Havana: Mid-tone copper brown
  • Sweet Heat: Bright peach champagne
  • Modern Pewter: Mid-tone olive gold
  • Rich Core: Mid-tone aubergine
  • Dark Dare: Charcoal black
  • Young Venus: Pale white pink

Extra Dimension Highlighters

  • Whisper Of Gilt: Light soft white gold with shimmery sheen
  • Superb: Soft peach nude with multi-dimensional shimmer
  • Glorify: Copper golden shimmer


  • 128: Split fiber brush
  • 234: Split fiber brush

Freeze24-7 ITWT 2

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12 Responses to MAC Extra Dimension Collection

  1. Kimme says:

    I really really hope they are as good as they look because I want hm ALL! Eyeshadow junkie lol. I’m with you on this Lisa B that i can’t wait hehe

  2. Lisa B. says:

    Ooh…the wave pattern reminds me of the Sephora Psisma Chrome ones–I wonder if it is actually a raised wave shape like the Sephora ones?
    Especially interested in the 2 shades in the 3rd picture down–wonder which ones they are? Maybe these two?
    Sweet Heat: Bright peach champagne
    Modern Pewter: Mid-tone olive gold

  3. Sthobbie says:

    Arg I want pictures

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Hm…can’t wait for more info here!

  5. Sthobbie says:

    Extra dimension eyeshadows? Will they have a special scent or 3D? Curious…

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