MAC Hey, Sailor! Dupes & Comparison Swatches

This post includes dupe and comparison swatches and information for select colors from MAC’s Hey, Sailor! Collection.

Some of the swatches are for colors that are very similar and others are of colors in the same family, though they won’t be “dupes.”

There are plenty of colors out there that are similar but aren’t shown below, so if you have a color in mind that I don’t mention, run an image search for it. There are also tons of other people out there who do comparison swatches, so I encourage you to hunt around. 🙂

Red Racer, New Temptation, Prolong, Runaway Red

To Catch A Sailor, Quiet Please

Salute!, Razzle-Dazzler

Sail La Vie, Hibiscus

Jaunty, Warming Trend

Fleet Flash, Peachykeen

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3 Responses to MAC Hey, Sailor! Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  1. Lisa B. says:

    It would be a full time job (probably more than a full time job) to find dupes and comparisons, especially for MAC (or cross-brand…a nightmare!)…thanks for taking the time to do some!

  2. Fanny says:

    This was very helpful.
    Thank you!

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