Review: Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print

Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print

Availability: Target, Walmart, Walgreens
Price: $27-$32

Company’s Description

You’ll be rockin’ your best look when you use this show stopping case with 4 auto-open trays and locking latch there’s room enough for it all!

Caboodles is a makeup organization company that sells makeup cases, bags and trays. Their line of train cases offers multiple designs and colors. The train case reviewed here is designed with leopard print.

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Packaging Quality: 8.75/10

This case is 9.5″ L x 6.5″ W x 7.625″ H. It’s a good size for personal use or, if you are a professional, for lower-key shoots. I used this case to store makeup for a sports-based photoshoot recently. The makeup was very natural and basic, so I didn’t need to bring as much makeup as I would have for an editorial or fashion shoot. This case fit exactly what I needed to bring to set.

The box is designed to maximize the space inside. It opens up to reveal 2 levels of drawers and a full-sized compartment in the bottom tier of the box. I stored smaller items in the top 2 shelves and put larger items, like palettes, into the bottom compartment.

I do wish the box were just an inch wider because my Coastal Scents palettes only just fit and took some acrobatics to get out of the bottom compartment. Otherwise, I like how there are 5 different compartments that allow you to separate and organize different items.

The box snaps shut securely with 2 clasps. It can easily be carried around with the plastic handle.

The range of designs Caboodles offers also allows you to choose something that fits your personality.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

This case is pretty straight-forward to use. There are two clamps that keep the case closed. Once you open it up, the drawers and levels unfold themselves. The main trouble I had with this case was with the lowest compartment. It’s difficult to get palettes out of the bottom compartment–you have to slant the palettes and take them out at an angle. If you are trying to work quickly, you may find yourself spending time fumbling around trying to get palettes out of the case.

Price: 9.75/10

For a train case this size, $27-$32 is a very good price. A similar train case is sold by Yazmo for $50-$60. Sephora’s train cases also retail for $50-$60.

Final Grade

Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print

Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print

Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print Open

Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print Open

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6 Responses to Review: Caboodles Cosmetic Case in Leopard Print

  1. mayra says:

    i luv this one and i want it but they never have it at wal mart it sux

  2. grinch says:

    I want this bag so bad for christmas but I don’t know if I can offord it.

  3. sthobbie says:

    Traveling with a caboodle is so fancy! I love this one

  4. It will do! Love the leopard print too, I’m a sucker for that 😀

  5. Lisa B. says:

    What do you have in the extreme left-hand to drawer? It kinda looks like headbands?

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