Review: Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Availability: Everyday Minerals
Price: $12.99

Company’s Description

100% Cruelty Free. Luxurious and dense super-soft synthetic fibers with renewable bamboo handles. This bamboo brush is gorgeously dense with synthetic bristles and is ideal for flawless all over face powder application and Bronzers.

Everyday Minerals is an online mineral makeup brand. It offers an extensive line of synthetic-bristled brushes, both for the eyes and face. This review is for the Kuuki Brush.

Packaging: 10/10

The Kuuki Brush has a bamboo handle with a gloss surface. The ferrule is made of metal and is pinched. The packaging is very high-quality and durable while still being light-weight.

Quality: 9.8/10

This is a large face brush that’s approximately 2.5 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. The bristles are wonderfully soft and made of synthetic bristles. You won’t feel any scratchy bristles on the skin. The bristles have medium density–they’re more densely packed than most fluffy powder brushes but not as densely packed as a flat-topped buffing brush. The bristles are just long enough to give the brush bend-ability without being flimsy.

Because the brush covers a large surface area and is narrow, it’s ideal for apply powder bronzer, blush, and highlighter. It also works very well for contouring and all-over face powder. Not only does it feel pleasant to use this brush, but application goes by twice as fast because of the way it fits on the planes of the face and the large surface area it covers.

I have never had a problem with bristles falling out during application or while washing the brush.

Ease of Use: 9.8/10

You’ll have a hard time finding a brush that applies powder face products as well and as quickly as this brush. The only negative is that the synthetic bristles take longer to dry after washing than natural bristles.

Price: 10/10

For a large face brush like this one, $12.99 is a great price.

Final Grade

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kuuki Brush

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