Review & Swatches: Andre Walker Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Treatment

Andre Walker Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Treatment

Availability: Andre Walker
Price: $15.00 (1 jar)

Company’s Description

Andre’s newest product is an extraordinary, extreme moisture repair, hair mask that functions like a salon quality intense conditioning treatment! With intracellular proteins and fine raw ingredients, this two ounce jar helps knock out environmental surface and heat damage, dryness and breakage issues while restoring luster and nourishing the hair with keratin, moroccan argan oil, aloe, olive oil and other saturating, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. Each jar is enough for two applications for medium length hair. Recommended use is weekly as a deep conditioning treatment.

Andre Walker is a haircare brand that offers its Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Treatment–a deep conditioner that includes ingredients like moroccan argan oil, olive oil, and keratin.

The image above is of a packet I received, but the retail product sold actually comes in a jar.

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This deep conditioner comes in a plastic jar with a twist-off lid. The packaging is suited for the moist environment your shower will create, but a squeeze bottle form would be more convenient (you wouldn’t have to twist off the lid).

The smell of this deep conditioner is phenomenal. I can’t substantively describe what the scent is, but it smells exactly like something that a high-end salon would use. There is a touch of a citrus-type smell mixed in with luxurious goodness.

The product is thicker than your average conditioner but spreads easily through the strands.

I applied the deep conditioner onto my hair from the neck down first, then applied a smaller amount to the hair on the scalp. I tied my hair up and let it sit in the heat and steam of the shower for about 5 minutes.

I noticed that this product rinses out more cleanly than a lot of my standard conditioners, which I found surprising. Despite it being much richer and more thick than your typical conditioner, it left less of a film on the skin and hair after I rinsed it out, which I really appreciated!

After the product was rinsed out of my hair, I was genuinely surprised at how soft my hair was. I’m no stranger to deep conditioners. I’ve used at least 5-6 different ones and use Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner regularly. As great as the Aussie deep conditioner is, Andre Walker’s left my hair even softer.

The effect lasted through the night (I took my shower around 8pm) and into the morning. The softness did start to fade by mid-morning (around 10 am), so I wish the intensity of the effect lasted for longer. But my hair was still much softer than it is with an normal conditioner for over 24 hours after using the treatment. The scent was almost gone by noon-time.

The company claims you can get 2 uses out of the jar, which I think is a conservative estimate. I currently have hair slightly longer than shoulder-length, and I can get at least 3, maybe 4, uses out of the 2 ounce jar.

For $15.00, the amount of product you get is pretty small, even compared to other high-end brands.

Andre Walker Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Treatment

Andre Walker Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Treatment

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