Review & Swatches: Exude Lip Creme in “Coral”

Exude Lip Creme in Coral

Availability: Exude Online
Price: $29.00

Company’s Description

This exceptional formula is lightweight, comfortable and moisturizing. Enhanced with a smooth minty scent, the crème lush finish comes from the custom formula of vitamin E & C mixed in a creamy gel texture.

This review is for the Exude lipstick in Coral. Exude sells 9 shades of its Lip Creme and 5 shades of Lip Gloss.

Exude’s name-to-fame is the non-deforming lipstick tube: Because of its revolutionary applicator, Exude is able to retain its shape over time and dispense the exact amount of lipstick users need, without any mess or waste.

See photos and the review of Coral, below!

Packaging: 8.75/10

This lip product comes in a white, plastic tube. When you pull off the top, the actual color is housed in a clear plastic applicator that is shaped the way a new lipstick would be. The surface of the slanted, plastic applicator has ridges on it and an opening through which the product dispenses when you twist the bottom of the tube.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this packaging. The tube doesn’t deform, so you won’t have to worry about the product melting or breaking. Plus, the ridged surface lets you feel where on the skin you are applying the product. The disadvantage is that it’s difficult to tell how much product is dispensing from the tube. As a result, it’s hard to control the amount of product you’re applying.

Quality: 7.5/10

Coral is a very pretty color. It’s a slightly burnt, reddish coral with small, gold shimmers. On the lips, this is a translucent, soft coral. The shimmers are extremely subtle and are difficult to see unless you’re looking up-close.

The formula is extremely emollient. The consistency is also thin. Consequently, the lip creme only lasts about 1.5 hours before wearing off.

The Lip Creme has a peppermint scent and tingles a little after being worn for about 20 seconds. The tingling isn’t intense the way MAC Plushglass’ formula is on the skin.

The biggest down-side to this color is its patchy application. The color doesn’t appear even on the lips, and if you try to smooth out the color by pressing your lips together, you get a streaky line (shown, below). This makes it very difficult to wear Coral in a flattering manner, even though the color itself is pretty.

Ease of Use: 7.25/10

Because of the packaging, it can be difficult to measure how much product you’re applying to your lips. I found myself applying some product, twisting the base to reveal more product, and applying it again 3-4 times.

It’s also difficult to keep the color even. Any movement of your lips will create lines in the color. Using the applicator also creates unevenness, so you have to blend really well.

Price: 9.75/10

For $29.00 you get 0.9 ounces (2.6 ml) of product. MAC’s Plushglasses cost $19.50 and contain 0.14 ounces. Laura Geller’s Air Whipped Lip Wear costs $17.00 and contains 0.25 ounces. You get a lot of product for the price with Exude Lip Cremes.

Final Grade

Exude Lip Creme Box Packaging

Exude Lip Creme Box Packaging

Exude Lip Creme Box Packaging

Exude Lip Creme Packaging

Exude Lip Creme in Coral

Exude Lip Creme in Coral

Exude Lip Creme in Coral

Exude Lip Creme in Coral Swatch

Exude Lip Creme in Coral Applied

Exude Lip Creme in Coral Applied

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