Review & Swatches: Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81

Availability: Inglot
Price: $11.00

Inglot’s AMC Eye Pencils come in eight (8) shades. The company categorizes this product as an eyeliner. This review is for shade #81, which is a shimmery, medium, slate violet-blue.

Mark Cosmetics (Avon)

Packaging: 9/10

This product comes in standard pencil form. The cap slides on and off and the pencil will need to be sharpened.

Quality: 7.75/10

The shade #81 has very good pigmentation. The color is a medium, grey-based violet-blue color with a slightly shimmery finish.

The formula, unfortunately, isn’t very creamy. The pencil pulls at the skin on the lid and doesn’t blend out with a brush. You do get a precise application, due to the stiffness and pencil form of the product.

The AMC Eye Pencil does have versatility: you can use it as an eye liner, as a base for a powder shadow on top, or as a stand-alone eye color. But, when applied over bare skin, the product will crease within the first two (2) hours of wear. The product creased within the first two (2) hours of wear when applied over a primer also, but the creasing was to a lesser degree. The color had faded and become patchy within two (2) hours of wear, regardless of whether it was applied over primer or not.

To be fair, Inglot does classify this product as an eye liner, so I’ll cut the product some slack. But Inglot gives no further description of the product on any of its websites for how it should be used or what it can do. And, given the form the product is in (pencil/crayon) and the cream formula, it shouldn’t be a surprise that customers will look to use this product as a base or as a stand-alone eye shadow. That said, I would recommend using this color only as a base or liner, not as an eye shadow alone.

Ease of Use: 8.25/10

The pencil takes pressure to transfer onto the skin, causing you to tug at the lid. The product feels cold and stiff during application, and warming up the product made only a very slight difference in application. The pencil form is convenient, though, and allows for quick, fairly precise application.

Price: 9.5/10

For $11.00 you get 4.5 grams (0.16 ounces) of product. This is a very good price given the amount of product you get and compared to similar brands.

Final Grade

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil Box Packaging

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil Packaging

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81 Swatch

Inglot AMC Eye Pencil #81 Swatch

Mark Cosmetics (Avon)

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