Review & Swatches: MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash

MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara

Availability: MAC Stores & Online
Price: $15.00

Company’s Description

The fast-to-act drama of creamy, velvety Zoom Lash in a tear/sweat/humidity/waterproof formula. Curls and lengthens with flexible, sculpted application – everything you love about the original is here. Provides up to 12 hours of smudge-proof wear!

MAC’s latest Zoom Waterfast Lash is a waterproof mascara that the company claims will curl and lengthen while providing a flexible application. This mascara is only available in black.

Packaging: 9/10

This mascara comes in MAC’s standard black plastic packaging. The bristles are short and synthetic. The wand is shaped like a cone, narrowing at the tip.

Quality: 8.5/10

This mascara gives a strong black tint to the lashes. The formula is not overly watery or dry, and does a good job of being flexible, as MAC claims. Unlike most waterproof mascaras, this one doesn’t make your lashes crunchy or stiff, which I really appreciate about this formula.

It is also effectively waterproof. I saw no smudging or flaking throughout the day. The mascara only transfers slightly when rubbing off my eye makeup with a makeup wipe, and even after subsequently showering, I still needed to go back with a makeup-remover-soaked cotton pad to get the remaining mascara off the lashes.

While this mascara does a good job of living up to MAC’s waterproof and flexibility claims, it doesn’t do much for the look of your lashes. It does lengthen somewhat, but there’s no curling effect and no volumizing benefit.

Ease of Use: 9.25/10

This mascara was easy and pleasant to use. It didn’t clump or make the lashes stiff, though layering doesn’t seem to build up the lashes much.

Price: 8/10

For $15.00 you get 8 grams (0.25 ounces) of mascara. MAC’s Splashproof Lash is the same price but contains 9 grams. I also feel like there are plenty of competitive drugstore waterproof mascaras at much lower price-points. Since this mascara doesn’t give any curling or volumizing effect, there’s not much to distinguish it or warrant a significantly higher price.

Final Grade

MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara Wand

Without Mascara

MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara Applied

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  1. sthobbie says:

    I have never tried a MAC mascara, there are never rave reviews on them

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