Review & Swatches: Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

Availability: Sephora
Price: $22.00

Company’s Description

Eye Prime is the ideal eyelid primer for longlasting eye makeup. As well as maximizing eyeshadow color, it reinforces its wear all through the day. You will no longer need to touch up your eye makeup half way through the day.

Enriched with waxes and mineral powders, Eye Prime creates a protective base on the eyelid allowing the eye makeup to last longer with a no crease, no fade result.

Its natural color works for every skin tone and eyeshadow shade. It’s easy to apply thanks to its anti drying property and its light texture blends naturally into the skin minimizing all blemishes you would like to fade.

Make Up For Ever’s eye primer is said to both make your eye makeup long-lasting and intensify its color. See below for a full review and photos!

Packaging: 9/10

This primer comes in standard packaging: a plastic, cylindrical tube with a doe-foot applicator.

Quality: 9.5/10

MUFE’s primer has a thin consistency (thinner than Urban Decay’s primer) that’s almost watery. The product itself is a nude color, but applies clear once over the skin.

True to MUFE’s claims, this product effectively intensifies eye shadows. I used it with Youngblood’s Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow in Cashmere, which lacks pigmentation when applied directly onto the skin. The color was far better after applying it over MUFE’s Eye Prime.

With this product, my shadows don’t crease until after 8 hours, when slight creasing begins.

For me, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion works about the same as MUFE’s Eye Prime (creasing starts a little sooner with the Primer Potion). The Eye Prime works far better than Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, which only works to prevent creasing for a few hours on my lids.

Ease of Use: 10/10

The primer’s thin consistency makes it very easy to smooth out over the lid.

Price: 7/10

For $22.00 you get 0.18 ounces of product. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion costs $20.00 for 0.37 ounces while Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance costs $18.00 for 0.35 ounces. MUFE’s Eye Prime is far more expensive given the small amount of product you get.

Final Grade

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime Box Packaging

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime Swatch

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime: Shadow Over Bare Skin and Over Eye Prime

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  1. Diana says:

    Woah, that definitely brings out the colour of an eyeshadow!

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