Review & Swatches: Perfect Formula Perfect Color Nail Polish in “Stiletto”

Perfect Formula Perfect Color Nail Polish in Stiletto

Availability: Perfect Formula
Price: $15.00

Company’s Description

Perfect Formula Perfect Color nail polish is formulated with “Instant Strength Technology” to give instant strength and thickness to the nail. The custom designed brush along with the perfectly pigmented polish ensures a smooth even application on the nails every time. Perfect Color is Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate free.

Perfect Formula is probably best known for its Pink Gel Coat. But the brand also sells a full line of nail polishes. The Perfect Color nail polish in Stiletto is reviewed, below., Inc.

Packaging: 9/10

Perfect Formula’s Perfect Color polishes come in hexagonal glass bottles. The bottle is more unique than other brands, but it is also larger, so it’s not quite as travel-friendly as smaller bottles.

Quality: 9.75/10

Stiletto is a truly classic red color–perfect for Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t have a “juicy” finish like some polishes but also isn’t matte. The polish has a luminescence to the finish without being classically “shiny.” The formula is also thinner than most other brands’ polishes.

What surprised me the most is that despite the thinner consistency, this polish has incredible pigmentation. In the photo below, I applied a single coat to the nails. Without having to layer, I got a vibrant and completely opaque coating of color. The formula goes on evenly, leaving no streakiness behind.

The thinner formula also makes the polish adhere more closely to the nails, which consequently makes the polish last a day or two longer than traditional polishes.

I didn’t see any thickening or strengthening results for my nails like the company claims. In general, I think claims like this have limited meaning since the nail plate on which the polish sits is made of dead cells, your nails are constantly growing, and the polish eventually gets removed.

Ease of Use: 9.75/10

The flat brush makes a difference for both ease and speed of application. Because of its wider surface area, the brush allows you to finish coating each nail more quickly.

The color glides on smoothly and opaquely, making it unnecessary to apply more than a single coat. Because of the thinner formula, the polish also dries more quickly.

Price: 7.5/10

For $15.00, you get 17 ml (0.57 fl oz) of polish. This is a steep price for a single bottle of polish, especially when you look at brands like OPI and China Glaze, whose bottles cost $8.00-$9.00 each. I often criticize MAC for their polish price (now up from $15.00 to $16.00 a bottle). The mitigating factor when it comes to Perfect Formula polishes is that you get 17 ml of product, whereas you get only 10 ml with MAC’s polishes. You pay almost twice as much money for MAC’s polishes. OPI and China Glaze’s polishes fare better, but still contain less, at 14-15 ml each. You get more product with this polish than with any of the other brands.

Final Grade

Perfect Formula Perfect Color Nail Polish in Stiletto Box Packaging

Perfect Formula Perfect Color Nail Polish in Stiletto

Perfect Formula Perfect Color Nail Polish in Stiletto Swatch Applied (1 Coat), Inc.

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  1. I like the finish, opaque and smooth. I wonder how many days it lasted on you before it chipped?

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