Review & Swatches: Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Availability: Stila Cosmetics, Sephora, ULTA Beauty
Price: $14.00

Company’s Description

Embossed with endearing hearts in three ultra-wearable shades of pink, this micro-fine powder has a velvety, luxurious finish with subtle pearl shimmer for a natural looking blush.

Stila’s newest Love at First Blush palette features 3 different shades of pink in a cute heart-decorated pan.

stila last call

Packaging: 9.25/10

This blush comes in a square, plastic compact with a snap-shut lid that is clear, allowing you to see the blush inside. The pan is embossed with hearts and divided into 3 shades of pink. The top and bottom strips of pink have shimmers in them while the middle strip is matte.

Quality: 7.75/10

The top color is a light, lilac-leaning pink with silver shimmers. The middle color is a cool-toned, matte, bubble-gum pink. The bottom color is a medium magenta pink with gold shimmers. Mixed together, you get a shimmery, soft magenta pink.

The top 2 colors, individually, aren’t strongly pigmented. The bottom color is bright and better pigmented. Mixed together, you get decent pigmentation, but the color payoff isn’t up-to-par with Stila’s standard blushes.

The formula has medium softness without being overly powdery.

The most disappointing thing about this blush is that it isn’t long-wearing. In fact, the first thing to fade away is the shimmers. Once you blend the blush into the skin, the larger silver glitters fall away. Fortunately, the smaller silver shimmers stay on the skin. But, overall, I found this color faded earlier than most other blushes–after 3-4 hours of wear.

Ease of Use: 8.5/10

You’ll find it difficult to use these colors individually, since the top 2 colors don’t have strong pigmentation. Mixed together, you only need a couple of layers to get good payoff.

Price: 9.75/10

For $14.00, you get 6.2 grams (0.22 ounces) of blush. Compared to blushes from similar brands like Tarte, Buxom, and Too Faced, you are getting more product for less with this blush palette.

Final Grade

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette

Stila Love at First Blush Palette Individual Swatches

Stila Love at First Blush Palette Swatch Blended

stila last call

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4 Responses to Review & Swatches: Stila Love at First Blush Palette

  1. sthobbie says:

    Arg too bad… I really like the cute design, oh well my wallet is happy

  2. Lisa B. says:

    It’s cute, but now I know to pass. 🙂

  3. indeed the carvings are cute but it serves well as a collection rather a useable one. The color is very average.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I really like the design of little hearts, it’s so cute! But the color isn’t appealing to me at all. It looks even kind of plain. 🙁 Too bad, I wanted to like this blush.

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