Review & Swatches: Streekers Hair Color in Pink

Streekers Hair Color in Pink

Availability: ULTA,, Streekers
Price: $11.95

Company’s Description

Streekers Wild Weekend is hot colors for cool hair. Streekers is temporary hair color with a difference. Instant. Liquid. Washes out when you want it out. Not a gel, not a paint, not a mascara. A cool new hair color that uses innovative patented technology. Now, every Monday doesn’t have to be blue — how ’bout pink, ultra violet, red, green, orange, yellow, purple … or blue.

Temporary hair colors are a current hot trend among celebrities like Kate Moss, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato. Sleekers’ Hot Colors for Cool Hair colors come in 8 different shades. This review is for the Streekers shade in Pink.

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This product has a liquid formula. It’s a temporary hair dye that imparts color to the hair immediately upon application and washes out.

The product comes in a cone-shaped, clear, plastic bottle and contains a doe-foot applicator. I found that the doe-foot applicator was a bit difficult to use. You have to keep whatever strand you’re dying really taught in order to get the doe-foot to coat the hair. I would have preferred a mascara wand to grab onto the otherwise unwieldy hair strands.

The Streekers dye leaves your hair crunchy, like it would feel after applying hairspray. You can brush out the strand after the dye has fully dried to mitigate the crunchy feeling. The color will transfer onto the brush, but it can easily be washed out.

The color did show up, even though I have medium-to-dark brown hair. I naturally have lighter strands of brown hair, and (as you can see in the photos) the color shows up better on those strands. It wasn’t very vibrant, but I do like that this product even shows up. Otherwise, you would have to bleach your strands and then put color on top, which is very damaging. The Streekers dye lets you apply some fun colors without going through the bleaching process. If you do have darker hair, you should stick to the very bright colors. I also tried the Purple color, and it did not show up. If you have light brown or blond hair, this dye will show up very well. If you have very dark brown or black hair, these colors won’t show up.

The product lasts for about 2 days and washes out easily. You don’t have to set the dye with hairspray, but if you want to make it longer-wearing, hairspray lengthens the life of the color.

Overall, I like this product. Application is a bit awkward, but using the Streekers dye is a relatively easy way to give your hair a pop of color without committing to a drastic change.

Streekers Hair Color Box Packaging

Streekers Hair Color in Pink

Streekers Hair Color in Pink Applicator

Hair Before Application

Streekers Hair Color in Pink Applied

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