Review: TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

TokyoMlik Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

Availability: Sephora
Price: $36.00

Company’s Description

This daring and smoky fragrance allures with notes of sultry teas and warm coconut. Smoldering and seductive, this blend of unexpected essences enrobes the wearer in the rich forest scents of ebony woods and exotic spice. Show your true valor and layer this fragrance with warm vanilla to highlight the soft spices.

Part of the TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatal Collection, the classic cut-glass bottle with iconic imagery and a gunmetal cap will add a luxurious, enticing flair to your boudoir.

TokyoMilk is a perfume brand created by internationally-renowned perfumer and designer Margot Elena. The brand is best known for creating unusual scents. Sephora now carries TokyoMilk’s “Dark Femme Fetale” line, which features edgy, provocative perfumes.

This review is for Bulletproof, which is part of TokyoMilk’s “Femme Fetale” collection.

Notes: Jasmine, Coconut, Tonka, Cinnamon, Cedar, Patchouli, Clove.
Style: Smoldering. Spicy. Luscious.

You can also read the review for TokyoMilk’s Arsenic here.

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TokyoMilk’s Dark perfumes come in rectangular spray bottles. The bottle is made of black material that feels like ceramic. It is accented with white writing and designs. Arsenic has a gun image on one side, the number 45 on another side, and the company and perfume name on another side. The spray nozzle and cap are a gunmetal color. It releases a very fine mist. The box the perfume comes in has the same color scheme as the bottle and is made of medium-thick cardboard.

I love the packaging for all the perfumes in TokyoMilk’s Dark line. The bottles are masculine, beautifully simple, captivating and sophisticated. It’s something I would leave on my dresser as decoration even if I didn’t really use the perfume inside.

At first spray, this scent is extremely spicy and masculine. After the first hour, the scent becomes less sharp, but is equally spicy and masculine. I don’t smell any notes of jasmine, probably because the spice notes overwhelm them. The coconut notes are also barely noticeable for the same reason.

Even as a girl who leans toward masculine scents, this is too much for me. It’s very aggressive and it’s not even a scent I would like on a guy. There’s a hint of a cheap-cologne-like quality to the scent too.

But if you do like aggressive, masculine scents, you’ll be happy to know that TokyoMilk’s eau de parfums are nicely priced. For $36.00 you get 2 ounces of perfume. This is a much lower price-point for the amount of perfume compared to most of the other perfume companies you’ll find sold at Sephora.

TokyoMilkBulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum Box Packaging

TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum Box Packaging

TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 Eau de Parfum

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