Shu Uemura 30th Anniversary Collections


Release Date: January 2013
Availability: Shu Uemura

For its 30th Anniversary, Shu Uemura is releasing two (2) collections. The Unmask Collection includes five (5) of the company’s Cleansing Oils, designed by Japanese illustrator Hirano Tsuyoshi. The Blossom Dream Collection includes several makeup items.

Keep reading for images and details for both of these collections!

Cleansing Oil (Limited Edition)

  • High Performance Cleansing Oil Advanced Classic
  • Fresh Gentle Cleansing Oil
  • Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil
  • Cleansing Oil Premium A/O Advanced
  • Ultime 8 Supreme Beauty Cleansing Oil

Five Color Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)

  • Innocence Green (New)
  • Fresh Blues (New)

Blush (Limited Edition)

  • Determination: warm orange yellow (New)
  • Sincere: rosy peach (New)
  • Beliefs: sweet pink (New)
  • Courage: vivid orange and yellow (New)
  • Perseverance: warm & bright beige (New)

Lipstick (Limited Edition)

  • Pink
  • Nude Pink
  • Bright Orange
  • Tan

Bright Water Gloss (Limited Edition)

  • Encore
  • Glory
  • Moved
  • Courage
  • Lust

Eye Pencil (Limited Edition)

  • Stay Gold: pearl golden luster (New)
  • Milky Dream: dazzling pearl white (New)

False Eyelashes (Limited Edition)

  • Limit Flight
  • Odyssey


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  1. ProperIntro says:

    I can’t wait for you to review them….I am excited for the Milky Way and the lipsticks … With my complexion I don’t feel comfortable wearing those eyeshadow colors and so I won’t be purchasing them

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