Skin Talk: Alcohol is for Drinking, Not Your Skin!

I’ve mentioned it in previous Skin Talk posts, but this topic deserves its own post.

Alcohol comes in many forms when you’re talking about skincare and cosmetics. Sometimes, it comes in benign forms (like the following) that help bring moisture to the skin:

Lauryl alcohol
Cetyl alcohol
Cetearyl alcohol

But when they come in the following forms, they are extremely drying and irritating for your skin. Beware of the following forms of alcohol on the ingredient list:

Denatured alcohol
Ethyl alcohol
Benzyl alcohol
SD alcohol

Denatured alcohol also shows up as “Alcohol Denat.” on packging. If you see any of these on the ingredients list, put the product down! It doesn’t matter what other benefits the item will bring to your skin if it’s also going to irritate it and cause free-radical damage. The only exception you should make is if they’re at the end of the ingredients list, in which case there may not be enough of it to affect the skin.

Be bright, be beautiful!

Mark Cosmetics (Avon)

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