Skin Talk: Face Cleansers

Ever wonder what you should look for in a face cleanser? Keep reading for a list of key points when it comes to the product you use to keep your face clean.

1: Skip the fragrance. Use a facial cleanser that doesn’t contain fragrance (even a “natural” fragrance). Sure, fragrances make your face wash smell good, but they irritate the skin. Avoid them whenever possible. Take a look at the ingredients list the next time you’re out buying a face wash and if you see “Fragrance,” leave it on the shelf.

2: Be gentle. A good cleanser will remove surface dirt without you tugging at your skin or washing it multiple times. If you find that your makeup isn’t getting washed off, use a makeup wipe before you wash your face or use an exfoliant.

3: Don’t splurge. Even if an expensive cleanser has great ingredients in it, opt for buying a simple, inexpensive, water-soluble cleanser instead. Why? Cleansers only stay on your skin for a few moments before you wash it away with water. For any ingredient to have a positive effect on your skin, it needs to be in contact with it for much longer. A cleanser’s only function is to remove dirt and oil from your skin. Save your money for a face cream with skin-benefiting ingredients instead of spending it on a cleanser that gets washed down the drain.

Be bright, be beautiful!

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