Skin Talk: Skincare Product Packaging

I’ve talked plenty about the importance of effective skincare ingredients. But equally important is the packaging your skincare comes in.

Keep reading to find out what you should look for in good packaging.

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Skincare ingredients, especially anti-aging ingredients, degrade over time. This is why the packaging your skincare comes in makes a huge difference. The packaging can either preserve the effectiveness of your skincare or render the ingredients completely useless.

1: Don’t buy jar packaging. Jar packaging encourages you to dig out the product with your fingers, guaranteeing you’ll introduce bacteria into the product. Even if you wash you hands, you will still get bacteria and oils into the product, which break down the key ingredients. Instead of jar packaging, opt for air-tight containers.

2: Look for opaque packaging. Sunlight, like bacteria, breaks down key ingredients. If you buy packaging that is opaque instead of clear, this will help protect and preserve the ingredients against sun exposure. Opaque containers are to your skincare what sunscreen is to your skin. If your skincare products have see-through containers, keep them in a drawer or cabinet.

Your face cream could contain the most wonderful and effective ingredients in the world. But if it’s in packaging that encourages sunlight and bacteria to break down the ingredients, you’ve wasted your money. So stick to air-tight, opaque containers.

Be bright, be beautiful!

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