Skin Talk: Washing Your Face

Washing your face seems like a simple, straight-forward task. But there are some key do’s-and-dont’s you may not be aware of. Keep reading for a list of the most important things to know about keeping your skin clean.


I previously did a post about face cleansers. That post focused on what to use to wash your face. This post focuses on how to wash your face.

1: Use lukewarm water. Using hot water may make you feel like you’re really breaking down the dirt on your skin. And using cold water may help us wake up in the morning. But using hot or cold water is harsh on your skin, so make sure you’re using lukewarm water to cleanse.

2: Use gentle, circular motions. Sometimes we tug, pull, and scrape at our skin, either in an attempt to make it feel more clean or because we’re in a rush. But being gentle is one of the best things you can do for your skin. So when you’re washing your face, use circular motions without pulling at the skin. If you have a good, water-soluble cleanser, it should do the cleaning for you.

3: Don’t forget your jawline, hairline, and neck. It’s easy to wash just the center parts of your face and forget the rest. So make sure you go over your hairline (from the top of your forehead to your ears), jawline, and your neck, especially if you blend your makeup down into your neck area.

4: Pat dry. When you’re drying off your face with a towel, pat it onto the surface of the skin. Don’t scrape or drag the towel over your face (like we often do when drying off our bodies out of the shower). This pulls and tugs at your skin.

By now, the theme of being gentle to your skin should be apparent. I hope these tips help you keep your skin clean while also keeping it happy.

Be bright, be beautiful!

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