Skin Talk: Why You Should Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a key part of maintaining radiant skin. To understand how exfoliating helps keep your skin healthy, keep reading!

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What is exfoliation?

Exfoliating means removing built-up skin cells that make your skin look dull or dry and cause clogged pores and uneven skin tone.

There are actually 2 ways to exfoliate: manually with some sort of scrub and chemically with a BHA or AHA product.

Manual Exfoliation

You can exfoliate manually with a face scrub or a washcloth. If you use a scrub, make sure the scrubbing particles are evenly shaped and gentle on the skin. Avoid ingredients like walnut shells (think: St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub), which are extremely abrasive and actually cut into the skin, damaging it. Equally effective is to use a washcloth with your normal cleanser.

The benefits of manual exfoliation are limited, though. You can only get rid of the top-most layer of skin this way, while most of the built-up skin cells are in deeper layers of skin. To get to those cells, you will need a chemical exfoliator.

Chemical Exfoliation

It’s not as scary as it sounds. Chemical exfoliation means using a product with either AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) in it. AHAs include glycolic acid and lactic acid; BHA is more commonly known as salicylic acid.

AHAs exfoliate the surface of the skin and help bring moisture to it. This ingredient is great for reducing sun damage and wrinkles. BHA is better suited for treating acne, including blackheads, because it gets through the oil that clogs the pores. It is also an antibacterial.

So if you want to make your skin look more even and bright, start exfoliating!

Be bright, be beautiful!

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