Tips & Tricks: Eyebrow Tweezing Made Easier

If your tweezers have a hard time grabbing onto your brow hairs, try this trick:

Dust some translucent powder or baby powder on the area you’re removing hair from. The oils from your skin can make the hairs under your brow slick, making it harder for even high-quality tweezers to grab onto them. Powder will soak up the oil and moisture and make your grooming job much easier.

The Body Shop

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3 Responses to Tips & Tricks: Eyebrow Tweezing Made Easier

  1. Rxmakeup says:

    I hate having to tweeze my eyebrows it hurts so much and waxing or threading has been hit or miss. I get so annoyed when they take too much off. Eyebrows are the hardest of my beauty routine to maintain

  2. Sthobbie says:

    Hi that’s a great trick!

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