Tips & Tricks: Natural-Looking Eyeliner

Despite what the above picture suggests, the most natural-looking way to define your lash-line isn’t with an eye pencil or liquid/gel/cream liner. The best way to get an I-can’t-tell-you’re-wearing-liner look is to use eye shadow.

Take a brown, matte shadow and pack it onto a stiff, thin liner brush. Then press and wiggle the brush in connecting dashes into the lash-line.

Of course, you can use this technique of placing any eyeliner product close to the lash-line to make it more natural-looking. But creams, gels, liquids and pencils don’t have the same diffused finish that a shadow does. If you’re aiming for a no-makeup liner look, eye shadow is the way to go!

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  1. sthobbie says:

    This is a great trick!

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