Tips & Tricks: Super Quick Brows

If you’re doing a fancy nighttime look, you can spend a long time trimming, brushing, shaping, and setting your brows.

But if you need to do your brows in a jiffy, here’s a super-simple way to do it. Invest in a spoolie brush (they’re super cheap). Next, take a color close to your brow color that comes in pencil form. It can be a brow pencil or even an eyeliner pencil. Drag the pencil over the bristles of the spoolie brush. Then brush your brows with the brush, transferring the color onto the hairs.

This technique will deepen the color of your brows and enhance their natural shape. It’s simple and quick!

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2 Responses to Tips & Tricks: Super Quick Brows

  1. Annabelle says:

    This sounds like a great trick! The only thing is: being an asian with soft black/dark brown hair, it’s hard to find eyebrow pencils that don’t have a red undertone to them.

    I’ll keep it in mind for future reference though, thanks! 🙂

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