Truth Patrol: Scar Creams

There are several drugstore brands that sell creams and gels claiming to treat scars. The most popular, at least in the United States, is probably Mederma.

These claims are bogus. The ingredient that supposedly minimizes scars in Mederma’s product is “onion bulb extract.” But there is nothing about onion extract that helps heal the skin or reverse the formation of scars. This is largely why Mederma and other similar brands carefully word their claims to say: “reduces the appearance of scars” instead of “heals scars” or “treats scars” or “eliminates scars.” “Appearance” is subjective, so they can get away with making the claim that someone might think their scar “appears” more faint.

What you can do to keep scars at bay is to keep a cut or wound clean and covered. Don’t pick at the scab that eventually forms. Don’t use products with alcohol or fragrance in them (ironically, Mederma’s cream has alcohol in it, which decreases your skin’s ability to heal). And keep the skin out of sunlight until the wound has completely healed.

Be bright, be beautiful!

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