Truth Patrol: Split-End Solutions

Split ends are caused by repeated wear-and-tear on your hair strands. The biggest causes of split ends are heat from styling tools, exposure to sun, and hair dyes. The outer layer of the hair gets worn down, eventually causing the end of the strand to fray.

You’ll see a lot of haircare products claim to “mend” or “repair” split ends. But once the hair frays, the damage is irreversible. It’s like chipping a fingernail. You can cut your nails (like you can cut your hair) or file them down, but you can’t undo the damage. The only thing hair products can do is make the strands lie flat, temporarily reducing the frayed appearance.

If you want to avoid split ends, reduce your use of heated styling tools, don’t repeatedly dye your hair, and don’t over-brush.

Be bright, be beautiful!

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  1. sthobbie says:

    Ha ha I just forwarded this article to my sister… I used to tell her this but she does not believe me =)

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