Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Palettes

Release Date: September 4, 2012 (Urban Decay) / October 1, 2012 (Sephora & ULTA)
Availability: Urban Decay, ULTA, Sephora

Company’s Description

Urban Decay’s edgy brand of beauty has three ingredients: femininity, danger, and fun. Introducing three zip-up, clutch-style eye shadow palettes designed to evoke each one of these element of Urban allure. Reflect the different sides of your personality with one (or all three!) of these palettes: we completed each with a coordinating Lip Junkie Lip Gloss.

Check out the three limited-edition Holiday 2012 palettes, releasing today on Urban Decay! These palettes will be available early October at additional locations like Sephora and ULTA.

Feminine Palette ($36.00)

    This set features a soft yet sultry mix of shimmering neutrals and smokier shadows, including Skimp—a previously exclusive fave. To give the whole thing an edgy boudoir feel to match its come-hither shades, this palette comes in a sleek vinyl case decked out with black lace (slightly frayed, of course) and black fishnet.

  • AC/DC(smoky grayish purple shimmer), Bordello (pale mauve shimmer w/gold micro-glitter), Gunmetal (dark metallic gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter), Hijack (deep metallic teal shimmer), Lost (medium metallic brown shimmer) and Skimp (light peachy pearl). Lipgloss: Wallflower (nude creamy pink)

Dangerous Palette ($36.00)

    This set features deep jewel tones and seductive neutrals, including Deeper and Ace—both UD staff favorites from the 15-Year Palette. The subtle dagger on the outside of the case hints at the edgier shades within, while black X-rayed peonies provide the perfect backdrop to make the shadows really pop.

  • Ace (deep gray/blue shimmer), Deeper (metallic dark brown w/bronze pearl), Evidence (deep navy blue shimmer), Gravity (deep violet shimmer w/multi-colored micro-glitter), Loaded (deep metallic emerald shimmer) and Mushroom (warm pale gray shimmer). Lipgloss: Naked (pinky neutral)

Fun Palette ($36.00)

    This set features bright, bold hues, like Deep End and Freakshow, both back by popular demand. True to its name, this set comes in a bright, sparkly teal case decked out with a gold octopus. Inside, technicolor octopuses float in a celestial sea of neon planets. (We said it was fun, didn’t we?)

  • Deep End (bright teal shimmer), Fishnet (bright pink w/purple shift), Freakshow (deep royal purple pearl), Maui Wowie (metallic golden beige shimmer w/silver glitter), Stray Dog (cool metallic ash brown shimmer) and Sellout (pinky champagne shimmer). Lipgloss: Midnight Cowboy (sheer nude sparkle)

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Did the press release you were sent (I’m assuming) say that Sephora would have them? I’ve read elsewhere that they’re Ulta exclusives and Sephora doesn’t have them yet. So, I’m pretty confused.

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