Zoya True Collection – Spring 2012

Release Date: January 13, 2012
Availability: Zoya Online

Company’s Description

A fresh bloom of dewy color. Inspired by the runway looks of top designers this collection features slightly muted and unexpected spring shades in six easy to wear, full-coverage creams and metallics.

Take a look at Zoya’s upcoming Spring 2012 collection. I will have a full review with photos up shortly.


  • Cho: Full coverage, vanilla shimmer metallic
  • Farah: Full coverage, latte beige cream
  • Bevin: Full coverage, pale sage green cream
  • Skylar: Full coverage, silvered slate blue metallic
  • Tru: Full coverage, gilded purple orchid metallic
  • Lotus: Full coverage, light lotus purple metallic


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One Response to Zoya True Collection – Spring 2012

  1. Sthobbie says:

    Yes! I love full coverage varnishes, let’s see if these are opaque in one layer.

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