Catrice Neo Geisha Collection – Spring 2013


Release Date: January 2013
Availability: Catrice

Company’s Description

Widely popular on the international catwalks: the Asia trend, inspired by the Japanese Geisha look. Red lips and black eyeliner are absolutely essential for the silk kimonos, collarless jackets and spectacular footwear of this trend. The Limited Edition “Neo Geisha” by CATRICE is a modern interpretation of the traditional Geisha look that unites artistic Japanese elements with facets of the Western World. The colours: red, dark blue and nude are mixed with intensive green, pink and purple. A combination of classical and modern.

Here is a look into Catrice’s Neo Geisha Collection for Spring 2013. Keep reading for full details and images.

Absolute Eye Color (Limited Edition)

    Create either a subtle or an intensive eye make-up look with the highly pigmented and delicate powder eye shadows with or without shimmer. The Japanese-style floral embossment is an absolute eye-catcher.

  • Japaneyese
  • Discreet Artist
  • Dance In Gion
  • Planet Tokyo

Kohl Kajal (Limited Edition)

    The Kohl Kajal in Ultra Black with a soft tip not only ensures an elaborate eyeliner look – the elongated, pointed pencil also serves as a traditional hairpin. With just a few swift movements, you can twist your hair around the pencil and put it up in a bun style: the modern Geisha look in perfection.

  • Ultra Black

Patch Eye Liners (Limited Edition)

    Self-adhesive in four different shapes – with the Patch Eye Liners, a perfect eyelid line is guaranteed! It won’t smudge and is sure to last all day. Apply eyeliner-patches to dry, make-up-free skin. To remove the patch, gently peel it off while holding the outer corner of eye in place. Contains 8 re-usable pairs.

  • Patch Eye Liners

Lip & Cheek Colour (Limited Edition)

    The pleasant creamy lip colour offers a velvety, matt finish – not just for lips, it can be used on your cheeks too. Easy to apply with your finger or the Lip Brush.

  • Discreet Artist
  • Picked Cherry Blossoms
  • Madam Butterfly

Lip Brush (Limited Edition)

    For a perfect and smooth application: the lip brush in an Asian design with a bamboo-like handle and extra-soft, thick bristles. Especially suitable for the Neo Geisha Lip and Cheek Colour.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer (Limited Edition)

    The nail polish with a high coverage comes in five trendy colours and is extremely long lasting and intensely bright. Various effects – plain or with a shimmer – create a modern, individual Geisha look.

  • Discreet Artist
  • Picked Cherry Blossoms
  • Madam Butterfly
  • Dance In Gion
  • Planet Tokyo





Catrice-Neo-Geisha-Nail Polishes



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  1. Elena T says:

    looks like a really nice collection! The patch eye liners sound really interesting and I’d be happy to try them, if only Catrice would sell their products in my country

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