Clarins Graphic Expression Collection — Fall 2013


Release Date: Fall 2013
Availability: Clarins, Macy’s

Here is a sneak peek into the items releasing with Clarins’ upcoming Fall 2013 Graphic Expression Collection!

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette

  • Forest: Khaki, Taupe, Bronze, Pale Gold

3-Dot Liner

Kohl Pencil

  • Intense Black
  • Intense Brown
  • Intense Blue
  • Platinum
  • Intense Violet
  • Bronze
  • Smoky Plum
  • Taupe

Be Long Mascara

  • Intense Black
  • Intense Brown

Face & Blush Palette

Joli Rouge

  • Pink Camellia
  • Spicy Cinnamon
  • Royal Plum





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One Response to Clarins Graphic Expression Collection — Fall 2013

  1. now, this is gonna kill my wallet!

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