Guerlain Voilette De Madame Collection – Fall 2013


Release Date: August 2013
Availability: Nordstrom, Sephora

Take a sneak peek into Guerlain’s upcoming Violette De Madame Collection for Fall 2013!

Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow

  • Two Rock
  • Two Stylish
  • Two Extravagant
  • Two Gossip
  • Two Candy
  • Two Parisian
  • Two Lovely
  • Two Spicy

Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow

  • Black Jack
  • Jackie Brown
  • Deep Purple
  • Katy Navy
  • Amber Silver

4-Blush Colours

  • Fuchsia pink, soft pink, orange, and coral

Rouge G Lipstick

  • Madame Batifole: Bright fuchsia
  • Madame Flirte: Pinky red
  • Madame Rêve: Pink

Lip Gloss

  • Madame Batifole: Shimmery fuchsia
  • Madame Flirte: Shimmery red
  • Madame Fascine: Deep plum




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2 Responses to Guerlain Voilette De Madame Collection – Fall 2013

  1. BooBooNinja says:

    My goodness, that blush is incredible!
    Which piece are you most excited for?

  2. ProperIntro says:

    Oh my these look gorgeous! I hope you will review any of their lippies =]

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