Review: Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant


Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant

Availability: WalMart
Price: $3.47
Disclosures: PR Sample; Affiliate Link

Company’s Description

  • Offers 24-hour protection that helps you feel dry and confident
  • A clean and aromatic fragrance with peppermint
  • Delivers a burst of rejuvenating power for the dynamic, self-confident man
  • Developed with athletes

This review is for Adidas’s 24-HR Anti-Perspirant in the scent Dynamic Pulse, which is said to last all day and deliver a clean scent. You can also read the review for the Deodorant Body Spray version here.

I’ve always preferred men’s deodorants and antiperspirants over women’s because I’m not a fan of flowery, fruity, or sweet smells (which women’s scents tend to be) and I also want a stronger punch out of my anti-odor products (which men’s products seem to be better at providing).

Adidas’s Dynamic Pulse antiperspirant has a definitively masculine, crisp scent that’s strong and lasts all day. It does a good job at keeping you dry, though no over-the-counter antiperspirant will keep you entirely sweat-proof if you are active.

The formula does leave a little bit of a white residue on the skin. It’s nothing more noticeable than any other white antiperspirant, but just be careful when putting on your clothing to not get it onto whatever you’re wearing.


Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant


Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant


Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant

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4 Responses to Review: Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24-HR Anti-Perspirant

  1. Lisa B. says:

    Do you have any suggestions for an UNSCENTED deodorant that lasts? I am looking for one since for some reason a lot of them don’t work for me…but I don’t want to wear a scented one since I don’t want it to clash with perfume.

    • Allura says:

      Well, a deodorant by definition should have scent to it, though the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick claims to have no perfume but still eliminate odor. You could try that–I haven’t. There’s a much greater selection when it comes to antiperspirants that are unscented. I recently used up the Dry Idea AdvancedDry Antiperspirant, unscented. It worked well enough.

      • Lisa B. says:

        I didn’t think a deodorant HAS to be scented…but I meant deodorant/antiperspirant. I actually have tried Dry Idea and it’s the one that worked the best, but I think they’ve discontinued it, or at least the stick form…or maybe the stores around me just stopped carrying it…

        • Allura says:

          Hmm, you can still get it online at Walgreens/ There are technically “unscented” deodorants, but it’s sort of a misnomer since, by definition, the purpose of a deodorant is not to prevent the sweat that causes odor, but to simply cover it up with a different scent. Of course, the Crystal brand’s claim is that the “crystal” ingredients in it will counteract the odor without the need for perfume. Maybe it works (I don’t know since I haven’t tested it), but I’m skeptical, is all. On the other hand, the function of an antiperspirant is to stop the skin from releasing sweat, which is what keeps the odor from developing in the first place. Most antiperspirants still have a fragrance to them because you can’t 100% prevent all sweat.

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