Review: Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray


Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray

Availability: WalMart
Price: $3.47
Disclosures: PR Sample; Affiliate Link

Company’s Description

  • Helps you to feel fresh all day
  • A clean and aromatic fragrance with peppermint
  • Delivers a burst of rejuvenating power for the dynamic, self-confident man
  • Developed with athletes

This review is for Adidas’s Deo Body Spray in the scent Dynamic Pulse, which is said to last all day and deliver a clean scent.

Men can be stinky. So it’s a small blessing when you find a deodorant that covers up the stink while still making them smell…well…manly.

This body spray deodorant comes in metal a spray can. Using it couldn’t be simpler–just two sprays under each arm (or across the body, if that’s his preference) and you’re good to go. The can delivers the deodorant in a fine mist that can go over clothes and won’t leave white residue behind.

Dynamic Pulse is definitely a masculine, crisp scent. It’s really strong right out of the can, but quickly dies down into a strong but pleasant scent. And even though it doesn’t keep the same strength of scent through the entire day, it definitely combats the boyfriend’s natural man-odor long enough so that I’m not wrinkling my nose when he comes home at the end of the day.

And for under $4.00, you get a really good deal. The boyfriend has been using it pretty much every day for 3 months straight, and the can isn’t showing any signs of being low.


Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray

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